How does RGB work?

The in's and out's of Red, Green & Blue

White light can be produced by mixing differently coloured light, the most common method is to use red, green and blue (RGB). Hence the method is called multi-coloured white LED’s (sometimes referred to as RGB LED’s). Because its mechanism is involved with electro-optical devices to control the blending and diffusion of different colours, this approach is little used to produce white lighting. Nevertheless this method is particularly interesting in many applications because of the flexibility of mixing different colours.
What multi-colour LED’s offer is not merely another solution of producing white light, but is a whole new technique of producing light of different colours. In principle, most perceivable colours can be produced by mixing different amounts of three primary colours, and this makes it possible to produce precise dynamic colour control as well. As more effort is devoted to investigating this technique, multi-colour LED’s should have profound influence on the fundamental method which we use to produce and control light colour.