Gobi LED Lightbar

Gobi LED Lightbar

The Gobi is the latest innovative design incorporating Luxeon Rebel LED Technology.
Typically used for under-shelf or cabinet lighting, this outstanding fitting can also be used for retail displays, signage, script lighting, artwork illumination, refrigeration lighting, cove lighting and as fluorescent replacement.
Available in a variety of sizes (from 120mm to 1020mm) and colour combinations, the Gobi can create any mood or effect that you desire.
This product has on-board driver technology and be connected directly to a 12-30V DC power source, making it an ideal candidate for mobile applications.
An IP68 version is also available for outdoor use.

Accessory: The Gobi is available with a specially design brackets (see accessories) which are extremely easy it fit. Once the Gobi strip is connected, the brackets allows for a 180 degree adjustment and can be locked in place using the integral M5 hexagon screw.


  • On-board driver technology
  • Powered by Luxeon Rebel™
  • Thermal feedback circuit
  • Weatherproof options available
  • Wide input range 12-30V DC

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